Can I create a static function in C++ which I can access from any Blueprint?

I’d like to create a function that runs a relatively complex math operation. I have the code already written in C++, but I’d like to be able to access this function from any blueprint, so that any of my actors (or even my level) can use it.

It’s in a custom MathsUtility class that I’m using to hold it as a static function, is there any way I can set this static function up to be access from any blueprint?

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Yes, same way as you do it with any other functions, UHT will detect that this is static function and will generate node that won’t require “Target” Input

UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "Something")
static void DoSomething(UClass* Something);

Ofcorse your class you put this in need to be UObject related and have UCLASS() in order for this to work, look on UGameplayStatics on engine source code for example

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Hm. I had tried this with BlueprintPure and BlueprintCallable, but did not see my static function in the level blueprint available for calling. I will attempt again.

i updated anwser :slight_smile:

Also if you uncheck the “Context Sensitive” box in the blueprint thing when you right click to find a function, it’ll make EVERYTHING show up, including your custom stuff. That’s how I figured out how to see my C++ functions in blueprint.

Well it works for me, you had that error when you first tried it?

Yeah I got it working. I had tried using BlueprintImplementableEvent in there and didn’t take it out so compiling was failing. It made me think it wasn’t possible.


do you guys have a clue on how to do the same with BlueprintNativeEvent?

UFUNCTION(BlueprintNativeEvent, Category = "local")

static T getSomething();

static T getSomething_Implementation();

the above give a compilation error :confused:

If I recall correctly UE4 doesn’t support exposing template types to blueprint. There are a few exceptions for collections like TArray, but the type needs to be known or it won’t work.

T means some predefined type, not a templated. sorry if it has confused you

I tried this and Unreal Engine 4 crashed with no trace.