Can I create a simple stereo sound effect in UE4?

Sorry if this is the incorrect forum, I could not see an audio option.

I would like to have a sound effect come from a character location in UE4 so that when I turn my characters view direction in-game the sound gets louder in one ear and quieter in the other. I don’t really need it as precise 3D sound, although that would be perfect. Just a simple effect where you can tell with your eyes closed the general direction a sound is coming from.

Could anyone give me any ideas on how this would be achieved please?

For reference this is the only video I could find on YouTube that demonstrates it, but unfortunately the uploader gives no clue on how this is achieved apart from its a blueprint: UE4 - Adaptive stereo wind audio effects - YouTube

edit- I have set up the usual spacial sound sphere etc but this just makes the sound louder the closer I get to the source, it doesn’t give out directional stereo feedback.

edit: SOLVED, sorry I uploaded in stereo which UE4 doesn’t support for spacial attenuation or something, re-uploaded as ‘mono’ and its perfect!!! Now positional stereo effect when I move around :slight_smile: