Can I create a screensaver with UE4?

Hello to all,
I’m new to the forum and I have no idea if this is the right section to post this question, if it is not, please move it to the right place.
It’s possible to create a 3D environment, and then to export it and to use it as a screensaver? Thanks for any help or link to guides/tutorials for this.

P.s sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:

You’d be MUCH better off doing this in some sort of 3d modeling software, even if UE4 could export to that kind of format, UE4 is meant to run on higher-end machines.

Sounds like a waste of energy to let a UE4 game run as a screensaver :slight_smile:

Yes you can. Interactive/Reactive Screensavers are becoming more popular. For a traditional Screensaver, UE4’s Media movie, Matinee/Cascade, and Playback features could easily be used. Its not uncommon for a game’s title screen to transition into a demo mode, which serves as a Screensaver. So using UE4 strictly for real-time 3D Screensaver is reasonable in my opinion.

You can convert an .exe to a screensaver:

If that doesn’t work there are a number of tools AFAIK to convert an .exe to a screensaver.

So create the .exe from Unreal Editor then “convert” it to the screensaver “format”.

You can create and record it to video and make it screensaver for more powersave :stuck_out_tongue:

I created a simple one to demo some coding stuff in .NET. It’s just floating text that randomly chooses a font and size from available ones. I’ve always wanted to move that into UE and make it fancy.