Can i create a project on unreal whith only a mouse contrller?

Hello, let me explain, i’m creating a terrain walkthrough, which i need to click on the terrains to obtain their info, but i don’t want to create it with “wasd” controls, i1m thinking about something more like google maps. Does anyone know how can i do this?
Thank you

Found it!! For every noobs like me who doesn’t know anything about this, it is called RTS camera game mode… i create Pawn and a mouse controller, there is lots of tutorials over the internet, just search for RTS camera. (Flies away)


f you not want create WASD controls the easy option its not create the WASD controls.

if you want move the camare with your mouse, the easy way its configure the mouse movement for move the camera.

The rest its question of doing the video tutorials on youtube, and docs and begin learn how to do that.