Can I create a commercial music video (published on web youtube etc)for a client using Unreal 5 with Quixel Bridge assets


I am a VFX artist using Cinema4d. Its been recent that my client has requested me to create a video that he wished to use on Web on platforms like youtube, vimeo etc.

I have brought my Cinema4d designs to unreal 5.0 to create a cinematic environment. and its all good since I have added lights, sky, clouds, I am planning to render a complete video sequence from Unreal as PNG/EXR sequence and grade and add music to it using After effect & Premiere respectively. I wonder if this pipeline has any problem with copyrights or not? and Can I use this pipeline for free to create these videos for my commercial clients in the order explained above.

my second question is, since quixel bridge offers many assets free of cost, If I use a rock, mountain or door from quixel bridge in the music video mentioned above where the rest of the entire pipeline remains the same, will it require any purchase or is it free to use and and free to deliver my commercial video for the client without any copyright issues.

Your help and guidance is immensely thanked in advance.

I hope my question has been clear, if not I will try again to explain.

Looking forward,

We can’t comment on your pipeline in its entirety, but specifically with respect to your use of UE, to the extent you are only delivering linear videos to your client, this is permitted and you will not owe any royalties to Epic. Provided you are using UE to render the video, you are free to use Quixel assets, and you are permitted to alter those videos post-rendering in other software environments.