Can I copy from a Map to a new project?

I know I can migrate individual Assets from the Content panel and save them to the Content folder of another Project, but I’m wondering if I can copy elements from the Viewport, along with their placement in the Map, to another Project? I’m gathering that this isn’t possible, but I’m asking just to be sure in case I’m missing it. Thank you!

Havent tried it myself, but couldn’t you just migrate the level file over to your new project?

I believe there’s going to be an export button if you right click the level in the content browser.

I can have a look tomorrow if you can’t find a way to migrate it using export.

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Thank you, something45, I never thought to check that, but you’re absolutely right, there is an export option! I don’t know why I never thought of looking there! :smiley: I appreciate your help! Thanks!

Open levels.
At the top you should see the “persistent” level
Select it.
In the drop down menu select migrate and select the target folder.

This will migrate your current map and all sub-levels to your target project with out including browser files not included in the visible map.

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Thank you, FrankieV! Because of your answer, I realized it’s time to spend some time learning about using Levels, which I hadn’t done before. I’m learning a lot and enjoying it! :slight_smile:

You should be able to also just copy and paste between projects, as long as you have the same assets in the content browser it can paste them.

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Wow! That would be perfect! I only just discovered I could copy and paste between maps in the same project, but didn’t think I could do that between projects! I’ll try that! Thank you!