Can I convert sprites to a texture 2D

I made a sprite sheet with 13 images for inventory icons in photo shop.
I imported this sprite sheet and extracted the sprite images, but I can’t get the image to assign to the UI image for the inventory slot image because it is a sprite and not a texture2D. I was wondering if there was a way to use my sprite sheet and extracted sprites as texture2Ds, or do I have to import each image separately as its own png file. I would like to avoid this if necessary. Any suggestions?

Are you trying to assign them in code or in a widget component?..if you are assigning them manually to a widget, then on the right hand side (default) in the details panel expand Appearance → Expand Brush, then under image use the drop down menu to navigate to your sprite. (or simply have the sprite selected in the content folder and press the white arrow to use it)

Im trying to assign them in code and it doesn’t allow me to assign the sprite image to the brush.
Is there a way to assign a sprite to a brush through code.
Thanks for the help!

I am not a C++ guy, but you can do it blue print. If you are not using BPs I am going to be of little help to you. If you happen to have them in your project I may be able to help?

What are you trying to assign them to, you say “UI” but is that a button, an image? My assumption is that if you are doing an inventory system you have set an image within your widget?

My advice if this is the case, it to bind the brush which can be found under appearance. You can then set the image and then the brush. Take a look at the screen shots, see if they help you.

Yes, I think this should work. I was looking for a way to make the brush from a sprite image, I didn’t know there was a function for it. I will let you know how it goes.
Thanks for the help!

Excellent, hopefully it works out for you.

Just tried it out! Works great!
Thanks for your help!

Good to hear, absolutely no problem. Best of the luck with the project.