Can I convert my project to binary so my Epic Launcher can see it?

I compiled several versions of UE4 engines from source code modified by a third party.
However, when I open epic launcher to download needed plugins or assets from the marketplace

I go through the following steps:

I have to create a project from a default version of UE4

add the asset to that project

migrate and hope assets are compatible with my project

go through each asset to make sure the assets were still intact.

I want to change this process if the option is available to save a few hours of development.
will there be plan to resolve this issue?
Am I only permitted to use Epic’s version of UE4 in order to get the necessary tasks and required assets imported and completed?
If source code is made available to compile for ourselves, then way engines built from source not recognized by Epic Launcher?
This restriction is very limiting and time costly. I spoke to support, they mention I should place my question here.
Ill also ask the same in the forums as well.

Thank you in advance