Can I control character while controlling camera pawn?

I want to make Topdown game like “League of legends” which move camera freely around map and also control character. I’ve finish with scrolling zoom in/out and move camera when mouse on edge screen. But I can’t control any AI or Character. I follow many tutorials on Youtube(Nothing works) and search over and over on Google I found only Pawn Rotate camera and rotate camera all day. 4 days have pass I still stuck at this. Once I download C++ template to study but my brain was exploded while reading.

I just want:

-Camera move freely while control character (only one character)

-Camera reset coming back to character when press Spacebar (and stick with character like Spring arm if holding Spacebar)

-Character can interact with other actor in Level.

pls help me, I’m at lost.


You would need to do something like this to separately control the camera and player. This is from the 3rd person template. Basically you just need to add separate control points for the camera and player.

Thanks for quick reply, Coud you show me more detail about this? I can’t say it doesn’t work because I’m new to Unreal so maybe i’ve miss something. I will show all my Blueprint to you


Only CharacterController have Blueprint, at first I use the same BP of TopdownCharacter Template, but when I finish Charactercontroller, I can’t move that Character anymore. so I’m finding what to add to those blank events but still nothing work. Thanks in advance

This is all I got so far



Do you have anything for moving the character on click?

Yes, I use this setting a while ago, but it doesn’t work so I deleted it all and left the rest as you see above. I set this cursor to world in Character (I use the same nodes as topdown character template)

I set this up in CharacterBP and I can’t set the nodes in the second image to any blueprint because it always show error like “Simple move to” Accessed none trying to read property" While it does show printstring on Viewport I have no idea what to do now.

:frowning: arghh, and I also try this tutorial but it doesn’t work either [][4]

okay, I solved the first problem on moving character now. I try this again and it work!, I need to create Blueprint Interface to send input(RightClick) message from Camera pawn(orController) > Character> AI controller to move this AI by camera,

But now I want camera reset to character, I’m trying to make blueprint like Nebula Games Inc advice, but i’m stuck again.

Okay I solve This spacebar! I added square actor to camera pawn and attach it to character. Thanks anyway