Can I control a bone with Twist Corrective Node?

When I create a Twist Corrective Node, I’ve got that Output Curve attribute, which is a string. And I was able to control a morph target with that.

But not a bone. I would expect to just feed that into a ModifyTransform node, is that possible somehow? Or any other way how to rotate a bone with the output of that node?

If you need to apply something to a modify bone operation. Why are you not using a modify bone operation?

You can feed a curve into anything since the output is a float.
also, most controllers have the same built in kind of option.

I want to use Modify Bone. With the output value of TwistCorrective.
So my question would then be, how can I adjust the rotation values in the ModifyBone to take the calculated twist from the TwistCorrective?

Assuming that the curve is a float.
Expose the Rotation parameter, Break/split the output, and use a GetCurve node to plug in the float in the appropriate channel.

Obviously if you need to have the same math you need to solve said math manually.

Ah, I see. But that’s a complex math. I’d like to have the TwistCorrective node calculate the value and feed that into the ModifyBone node.
I guess that’s not possible then… :frowning:

Doesn’t seem like complex matb, its likely basic trig and its already done for you if you search the the engine source on githuvb for the code.
the formula for what the node actually does is bound to be right there (on nodes).