Can I connect to someone over the internet in blueprints without Steam?

I’m making a multiplayer prototype, and I’m restricted to LAN with my current base of knowledge. What I want to do is allow myself and my friends to connect to each others’ games while we’re not in the same house, but I seemingly can’t do that without involving Steam. None of the documentation I’m finding is very rich in straightforward, “do this to connect to an external IP address” information.

How can I connect to someone far away, using blueprints? Right now, manually inputting another player’s IP address (shared via Skype message, etc.) is enough of a front-end interface: I just need to know how Unreal can do something with that address.

You need online subsystem set to null and you can console command to the ip. Keep in mind whoever is hosting will need ports open ue uses 7777 by default I believe.

Look into that :slight_smile: