Can I connect an animation and a component?

I would like to create an animation to open a door (pressing with the hand on the handle).
I could do an animation inside for the door that opens and one for the character who presses on the handle, but when the door opens they would become disynced.
what is the most optimal way to do such a thing?
Thanks in advance.

I’m assuming the door is a BP or a collection of actors.

What’s wrong with moving the handle down, the opening the door, the moving the handle up again?

the handle and the hand must be synchronized when they open, because in case I don’t, it will seem that the door opens by itself.
I would like to know if this is the most correct method to do it or there is a simpler or more accurate method than to create two separate animations and synchronize them.

The you might need to connect them with a socket: