Can i code my game with blueprints and unreal engine or not

so i want to build with blueprints and code with c++, can i mix them in a game together, if i can please tell me how, Thank you!

Yes. C++ and Blueprints work cleanly together in Unreal Engine. What I recommend you do is use C++ for the core of your game and the base objects, and use Blueprints for high-level operations and user interfaces (look into UMG).

Piece of advice: It is very hard to access variables and functions created in Blueprints from C++, but it is very easy to access variables and functions created in C++ from Blueprints. That is why I recommend you build objects that you want to have interact with C++ and Blueprints as a base object in C++ and then derive that class as a Blueprint.

If you create a “C++” project in Unreal Engine, it is compatible with both C++ and Blueprints

Hope this Helps!

Yes you can, basically the UE uses the same method, for example, the character is basically C++ code but we use it as Blueprint or write our code in C++ and use it directly in Blueprints

this image show how make a Blueprint from C++ code


It’s not matter of “compatible” :stuck_out_tongue: it simply project has C++ code or not and that it, technically there no blueprint or C++ project

Everything in Unreal 4 is C++ but many parts of it can be accessed in Blueprints so that you don’t have to use C++ for those things if you don’t want to.

Sometimes there are things I cannot access in Blueprints, so I add some more C++ to my project that makes those things accessible in Blueprints, or I just do it in C++ if I don’t need blueprint nodes and properties for them.