Can I change the viewport hover/move/zoom controls to match Blender's?

I just downloaded the editor but the default controls in the editor to move/hover/zoom are totally unnatural for me after a lot of hours in Blender, settings does not seems to give much options, I would like to control viewport in a more Blender-like way…

I´m missing something or I just forced to use UE as is?

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Hi mdiaz,

The control options under Edit > Editor Preferences > View-ports is the best place to start. Unfortunately there isn’t any settings to change the view-port controls to be exactly like Blender.

The reason the controls in UE4 are setup how they are is to make the transition from 3Ds Max and Maya as seamless as possible. You also have the option of using the W,A,S,D keys that mimic a first-person shooter game.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks, TJ

Ok thanks, would be great mappeable controls of main actions in a future update.

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