Can I change the Shooter Game to Third person buy using Blueprints only?

Can I change the shooter game to a third person view with Blueprints only? I want communicate to C++ functions from Blueprints to change the camera view and hide those FPP arms.


You probably could if you really tried to find a drawn out means of doing it, but because switching between first and third person is such a base level mechanic (unless you wanted it to do very little in third person), you’re best off doing it all in one mode or the other. There’s nothing in the Shooter game that can’t be done using Blueprints. You could even carry all of the of the assets over from the Shooter game and put them into a First Person Blueprint project, then build it up from there if its the content you’re after.

Yeah you should definitely be able to… I haven’t checked the shooter game that much so I’m not sure how exactly it is setup but you should check the “MyCharacter” blueprint (assuming it’s named like that in the shooter example :p) then you should in theory be able to remove the first persons arms, add a character, change the camera etc.

I believe that he means the shooter example in C++ from the marketplace, in which case the answer is yes, but not easily, as all of the PlayerCharacter class information resides in C++. You’d lose everything that makes the shooter a shooter. Try converting the First Person BP to a Third Person BP by migrating he 3rd person model to the First Person project, and set up the MyCharacter blueprint to use the 3rd person model.

Thanks! Yes Havoc this is what I meant. I wanted to add Blueprints to the C++ Project called Shooter Game. I was hoping to from Blueprints access the C++ Class that places the camera and move it in back of the Player as well as toggle the set of arms to invisible or hidden in scene. In Unity I got used to using a C# function Get Component and could manipulate things.

Thanks for all the response everyone

I’m not super familiar with ShooterGame, but I believe it already uses a BP to set up things like the mesh. If you edit that and add a CameraComponent positioned behind the character, and probably change ‘Only Owner See’ to FALSE on the player mesh, that might work.

Thanks! I will try that.

Hello !

I’ve just finished writing a complete tutorial on how to “properly” (or what I think is the proper way) add third person support to the Shooter Game sample. It allows you to toggle between first/third person and doesn’t take away the advantage of using the first person mesh (arms only) in first person view. This is all C++ but I thought maybe you’d find it useful even though you want to use BPs.

Here’s the wiki link: Shooter Game - Toggle Third Person

Feel free to let me know if I did anything wrong or if some improvements could be added :).

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Thank you!!! I just found your reply above. I look forward to learning and trying this. I don;t mind that is all C++. I have been learning C++ and Blueprints. I came here with some from Unity C# experience.


Hey, is there a way i can set it so that is is 3rd person only?

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Sorry to revive an old thread, but I did all of what was in the tutorial and still no third person. I set up all the code exactly the same, and changed the inputs, but hitting the assigned input wont change the third person view.
I even downloaded the tutorials exact code and copy pasted all of it.

Any idea what might be the issue?