Can I change an actor/mesh on event hit?

Hello! I’m just learning Unreal 4.27 and using blueprints. In my game I’m using the first person map, and want it so that when I hit an actor (in my case, a “zombie”) with my projectile, that actor will turn into another mesh/actor (a “human”). (Right now I have the actor spawn randomly and upon hit I change the material for proof of concept.)

I’m unsure what to google or look for since I’m still learning the terminology. Is there a way to do this via blueprints?

Thanks for anything you can point me to!

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If the functions of the characters are the same you can just set the skeletal mesh without any problem (Remember to reassign it an animation blueprint, I’m pretty sure that you don’t want a zombie to walk like a regular human and vice versa)

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Thank you Ares that’s what it was, I had to use my event hit to go to “set skeletal mesh” in my zombie blueprint. Then I can choose my new mesh to be a “human” mesh.

Appreciate it :smiley:

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Using the event hit like this will cause to change the skeletal mesh whenever the actor is hit by something, if you want to happen only if it’s hit by a specific projectile you can du two things:

  • Cast “other actor” to the class of your projectile

  • Add a tag to your projectile (something like “humanizer”) and check on the even hit if “actor has tag” (recommended because it could work with every object with that tag even if it’s not a projectile

  • Use an interface (more complex setup), useful if you want the projectile to have different effect depending on what it hits

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