Can i Call Pageup and Page down via widget button event?

Hi All,

I am working on an application that requires me to navigate a web page Up and Down using touch screen.
While using the (experimental) widget internet browser i am able to display the desired web page. I am not able to navigate this page using the touch-screen even though the website is build for navigation with touch screen. To work around this issue (or bug?) i’ve decided to use widget buttons to navigate the page.

The website responds to actions like PageUp, PageDown and Backspace. My Question to you is:

Is it possible to bind button events to actions like PageUp etc via BluePrint? I am not able to find a solid solution for this at the moment :frowning:

Any other possible solutions are ofcourse always welcome!

Thanks in advance!


I do not need this feature anylonger, but in the meantime I realized there is an way to implement this (besided Rama’s bp plugin that probably supports it as well): Using an touch-interface you can trigger buttons as if they are keys. Using an touch-interface to render a button that simulates a button press is the only non c++ solution i can come up with.