Can I buy Skeletons and make the animations in UE4 myself?

I am an indie developer that mainly works alone and has no experience in 3D modeling/animation but in Blueprint programing and the game creation in general.

In the past when I wanted to make a game prototype I would make 2D sprites and make the game in 2D, but I now do want to move towards 3D games.

I know Unreal Engine was developed for teams to work togheter but having a wife a kid and daily full time job results in such a small amount of time to work in a hobby that being a soloist for small projects is best suited for me.

Can I buy Skeletons and make the animations in UE4 myself without having to use blender or third party software?

In a word, no. There is not robust support for key frame animation at the moment. I think they are working on improving this aspect of Persona, but I don’t think there is official word on it. Getting skeletons / animation from the marketplace and editing in blender / maya LT (not free, but quite low cost for the feature set) would be my recommendation.

Thank you for your reply,
I saw there is a Maya UE4 animation kit.
Is this the best tool to invest my time in if I want to buy models from the market and just animate them the way I want?

What player characters do you need ? If you just want human style “male female soldiers” try out Fuse you design the Character how you like then click a link to animated it and then choose from 100’s of animations or if your good with a modelling app once the character is rigged you could make your own animations, might be worth a look :slight_smile:

Have you experience with maya/3D, if not start with blender.