Can I build my game without using Visual Studio?

I can’t install VS2013. It’s not supported for Windows Vista which is what I’m using.

Technically, you can. You can manually run the build tool and provide the arguments to it. However, the editor’s code-related features all use VS2013 by default, so it’s gonna be a bit hard to work without it.

I see. Thanks.

Even invoking the build tools manually will require the MSVC compiler in order to do the work.

I checked, and it seems that even VS2012 Express doesn’t target Windows Vista. I also checked, and the minimum specs listed for UE4 development are (on Windows) Windows 7. Häufig gestellte Fragen - Unreal Engine

It seems that Windows Vista ended mainstream support in April 2012, so I doubt Microsoft will be getting Visual Studio to work on that OS any time soon (particularly since it wasn’t a popular OS). Lifecycle FAQ - Windows | Microsoft Learn

Thanks for the extra info.