Can I build a GUI from scratch using only Blueprint?

Could someone confirm if the bluePrint system will officially support building a full customized GUI for the game I/you built in UE 4 or not?!

bec. I’m a 3D designer and my knowledge about c++ never exceeded the console applications :frowning:


any answer !!!

What do you mean with “customized” GUI. It is possible to build a GUI only in Blueprints.

I mean building a GUI for my game from scratch using only blueprint

if it possible as u say…could you provide any link to show me how please

thanks :slight_smile:

2 ways to do that in blueprint

-Same way you make HUD via canvas apis

-Actor based ui, but that only will work on stale camera or withdesign that wont allow those actors to colide with other actors

You can make actors catch when they are clicked using On Clicked event, this allows to turn Actor in to 3D UI. I know somebody that doing this kind of UI in his game, but his game is all don in one place on the map. This method will not always fit, only for once that UI can be on one spot

Worth to note is that Tappy Chicken actully use that method as well as memo game demo :slight_smile:

could you explain more about the 2nd point, please ? :slight_smile:

have a look at this thread and the linked video series, it might give you an idea where to start.

also in the recent news Epic stated that they are working on a editor for the “Slate” UI system but that might be a while

I heard that too…can’t wait for it.

I have downloaded almost the whole tutorial on youtube provided by epic in FULL HD and studied them well …but still building GUI act as mystery for me


thanks for info. :slight_smile:

Yes - we will have an awesome GUI system for blueprints. I’m actually writing the code right now!


Make it fast please …my future mainly depending on you ,EPIC

i can’t wait either but we must

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Can you provide any updates for the GUI blueprints?

It’s still in progress and will be for a several months before it will be at a point where it’s even remotely usable with any sense of stability. We’re still sort of figuring out all the things that we want, how it will all work for the user…etc. If you’d like to play with it as development progresses, you’ll need to compile the master branch on GitHub and run the editor with the -umg command. Don’t be surprised when things break, crash and look terrible :slight_smile: