can I auction a work in progress?

I have a project that I will not work on anymore but I think the many month of work could worth some money so, can I show the project here and ask for bids for it?

The project is a kind of 3d editor (really easy to use) for VR, you make a spaceship (or indeed whatever shape you want to make) and after that you can control the ship in a realistically way (how ever that’s only the mechanics there is not levels, enemies, sounds, it’s only the bare bones and all made with blueprints, works really well in VR)

Sure, I don’t see why you can’t try to sell a work in progress.

You’d need to promote the hell out of it though, show everything you are proud of, how clean code/blueprints etc are, and more.

YES and NO imho…

This isn’t eBay and it isn’t 2014 / 2015. The forums aren’t deserted but they’re quieter…
Better to work out a price that’s fair, for all the time you put in, and stick it on etc.
Then post detailed YouTube clips / Photos in a Released-Project thread back on here…

ok, thanks for the answers I will prepare some media to show. (anyway is not that I wanted to make a lot of money :slight_smile: