Can I assign this material to UI?

Learning UE4 from scratch (For university project, long story short I used Unity but it turns out the artists and programmer I’m working with use Unreal)

Anyway, I was wondering how to plug this into a progress bar of sorts. I followed some tutorials but could never work out how to tie this into a dynamic bar.

Thanks in advance,

Can I assign this material to UI?

Yes, looks fine at a glance. What’s the problem with it?

You wouldn’t plug it into a progress bar per se because the material is a circular progress bar. Well, it’s emulating one.

  • create a Dynamic Material Instance (in the widget or in the player)
  • assign the DMI to a border / image (Set Brush from Material)
  • manipulate the exposed scalar to set the value

Should work like a charm.

If you need more details, do tell!