Can I ask a question about Gfur here? (Grow Mesh / Guide Meshes)

Hi all,
GiM said on their most recent update notes:

  • New: Generate shells via meshes (morph targets).

I can not figure out how to get this working.There are these Guide Meshes, and I know how to use morph targets. I tried many combinations with Grow Mesh and Guide Meshes to get the hair guided but nothing works. I wrote to gFur, but I got no answer yet. I am so desperate.
Can anybody help me with this?
I hope I didn’t choose the wrong forum. Thanks in advance for any help!

I think you can message the developer directly through the e-mail in the product page.

I did and finally got an answer. Unfortunatly I cannot test it this week.
GiM said, you dont need morph targets, but seperate skeletal meshes instead. I will.quote part of their answer:

“Simply said, these meshes should work as morph targets for the grow mesh inside the 3d app (meaning vertex IDs should have correct order), but you are not exporting them as morph targets, but as separate skeletal meshes”

I will try this ASAP. Im so happy