Can I Animate using UE?

I have created a human model using MakeHuman and i need to record some animations (walk, run, jump, idle etc). Is there a way to do this using UE4? i tried the Animation section of my character’s skeleton but when i tried to record an animation or to create an animation by asset i failed. The record records very fast and the asset does not allow me to set keys or keyframes as 3ds . Do i need to export the model to 3d Studio ?
Is there a walkthrough for this one? i tried to find something with no success.
Can you help please?

Thanx in advance!

Atm there are only two ways:

-in the engine (you already tried that) -> so you click on the record button and then you move the bones to create an animation -> in the future they will surely improve it
-or do it in a 3d program (easier and better) :wink: