Can I alter world gravity through scripting?


I want to be able to alter my level’s “World Gravity” at runtime. Is there a way to do this through scripting? I know I can SET my Default Gravity Z in the project settings…and even override that in the World Settings…but is there a way I can alter it at runtime? As an example, I’d like to have “normal” gravity and then once my player overlaps a trigger volume I alter the gravity such that all physics objects float away.

A similar question was asked so many times that Epic Games should really consider adding the possibility to change gravity via blueprints =)

Anyway, you can use a workaround: set physics objects’ Simulate Gravity to False and Add Impulse once (if you just want them to behave like in zero gravity and just float away a bit), or Add Force on Tick (if you want to simulate the gravity angle change).

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Hey! This is so goood! You really helped me to implement an independent “gravity 0” for every independent object.

But now I would like to drag or kind of stop the displacement in space of these objects after a given time, is that possible??

Thanks a lot!

Just add a timer to your object’s BP and counter the impulse by applying the exact reverse value of it to cancel out any movement.

Its not rocket science (but it is!)…