Can i already sell my games on unreal engine 5? Or is it prohibited now?

can i already sell my games on unreal engine 5 it is legal? Or is it prohibited now? I just feel that some simple games I can create and they will work well on this new version of the engine.

Hello @sykaax !
Based on the FAQ for Unreal Engine 5

There are no restrictions, besides the suggestion, to NOT use it for production.
As it is in preview.

The license model & support will stay the same.

Please take in account, that I’m not a Team Member.
Best regards.

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oh okay thank you for information, i also was thought as this but better be sure before start sell. I just wanna create some fun game for 1 dollar on unreal engine 5 and ask for that reason.

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I severely suggest against selling games for a single dollar. For small games, i would put them up for free or 5/10$, for anything mid or large sized, free, 20 or 25$.

1$ has the downside of free, where you make effectively no money off sales, 5$ is similarly negligible but you might be able to make something off it in the long term, but you also lose the appeal of free games with microtransactions/a patreon, where your able to get a lot of fans quick due to no cost to actually play your game. Either 20$ or nothing+patreon to pack on the playercount.

Mind if i see your game, For some reccomendations? PM me or post here if interested

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I mean yeah you could ride the hype of the engine being new and you could sell some sort of gimmick game that is using unfinished code at this point of the engine which the way I look at it is you’re selling the engine short and in a PR sense you would be confusing other people on what they should expect from Unreal Engine 5. But I don’t work for epic I don’t represent them I don’t anything I’m just some dude. Seems short sighted to do.

It’s true, I just do not plan to make money selling the game itself hehe, I have some other ideas, I will contact you if my plan fails

You will laugh, but the only reason why I want to make a game on the 5th version is because I like the interface of the 5th version of the engine haha.

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No one will laugh - I’m feeling the same :relieved: :joy:

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Same. It looks a lot better. Also lumen=fun