Can I add a blueprint actor as a skeleton socket preview asset?

I added a socket to the hand of a skeletal mesh and then added a mesh as a preview asset to the socket. This is useful so that I can determine the rotation of the socket and align the preview objects with the hands. My blueprint is of a weapon and derives from Actor. It has a static mesh that looks like a gun. When I select this blueprint as the preview asset for the socket nothing happens. I would like to use the blueprint instead of the mesh as the preview asset since I scale and rotate the blueprint mesh component.

Is this functionality broken? Is there something else I can do to have my blueprint show up as the preview asset?

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I found that it is possible to preview this exact by using “Simulation” mode and keep the preview window in the background. This isn’t the same as having the preview asset in the Skeleton Mesh window, but it’s a workaround for now.

I dont get it, if i choose a blueprint for the preview asset for the socket, it just doesnt work. Can u explain the simulation thing in terms of this, thanks!