Can Hierarchical LOD work with blueprints?

I’m using blueprints to group assets together, theoretically making it easier for me to populate levels. From initial testing it seems that HLOD doesn’t take into account blueprints? Is this correct?


I created HLOD in Maya and imported it into UE4.

I created a Actor blueprint and added two static mesh components. Then has set my LOD mesh for these components.

Base LOD:

Level 1:

Level 2:

Hierarchical LODs will work with Blueprints, but it does seem a little finicky when generating the clusters. After clicking on generate proxy meshes I was able to see the static mesh proxy that was generated in the HLOD folder.

Some things to keep in mind with HLODs and Blueprints is that the Blueprint and actors inside need to be set to Static. HLODs do not work with dynamic objects. Also depending on the bounds of the Blueprint and the included actors will determine if it’s considered for the generated cluster. So if you have a Blueprint with included actors that has a bounds of ~500 units and you set the HLOD level bounds radius to use 500 or lower it is likely not going to be included.

Our internal build of 4.13 has additional fixes included that have made it a smoother experience. Keep in mind this feature has only been around a couple of releases and is still in development.

is this still true? Blueprint with HLOD don’t seem to be working anymore. Even with mobility set to Staic and Bigger bound values