can help me ?

I want make a game Guess the words
for example game Word Cookies

can help me for blueprints and … for make game and tuch and …
and say me adress video tutorials for see


You’re never going to find tutorials online to make the exact game you are after. The best thing to do, is to break your game down into different mechanics, and from there see if there are any online tutorials that explain how that mechanic works and then learn how to put it all together.

It’s pretty much what I did with my own project. I learnt one mechanic/part at a time and as I got more and more familiar with UE, I was able to modify them to work how I wanted and put it all together to get the end result I was after.

thanks for answer
is bad
tutorials for ue4 is very low but unity is …
Especially for tuch and mobile game
thanks for help me