Can help me (for game Guess the words)

I want make a game Guess the words.
for example game Word Cookies.

or or

can help me for blueprints and tuch … for make game ,
or say me adress video tutorials for see

need tutorials

is bad
tutorials for ue4 is very low but unity is …
Especially for tuch and mobile game
thanks for help me

I would advise you to learn blueprints first through tutorials from unreal itself and from others on youtube.

Creating a game right away without knowing the engine is not a good idea and it will cost a lot of time, even with an easy game like the game you want to make. you better lay a good foundation and start with tutorials.

thanks for answer
i understand bluprint for 3d game - but for 2d and mobile tuch and tuch example this game have problem .
tuching word in the screen and create line in screen
and show word
for example

can help me



why no answer