Can get Spawn Sound 2D to start from Remote control but not stop

I have created a simulation environment and currently using the Remote control Plugin to control items in the simulation. I can get the audio to start but not stop. I want to have each pump have start and stop with sound cues.

here is the blueprint of the first Pump the sound will start but i can’t get it to stop

scene start not audio playing

now sound is playing

Button pressed to stop but sound still playing.

I can get this to work fine from the UI control but not from the Remote. The UI version is a different Blueprint
not sure what i’m doing or missing . I want the pump sounds to be 2D so when you are at different locations you here just that pump and not the others. Any thoughts on this?

Here is the missing Screen capture showing the Stopped state though the sound is still playing.

That BP is spawning sounds on tick, so thats like 34279 of them for just a few secs of “on”. Only the last one will be set as the variable, each new one overwriting the old one…
Either only trigger play once when needed, or even better, create the audio component beforehand, and only call stop or play on it. Spawning a new one when wanting to just play is overkill!