Can get Ads working for Android

Hi. for the last week I’m trying to set up ads for my android game but without luck. So I have a few questions.

  1. I’ve followed many guids online I’ve published closed testing in play console to Get app ID. I’ve created OAuth 2 and linked my ap. I also have Admob created and approved. But first I was using the test Ads IDs but they just doesnt show up.

Does the app need to be fully active on play store before it will work? The published app is stin in “review” so could that be the issue?.

Im testing it on real phone. btw

  1. Or maybe the issue is with app signing via Keystore. I’ve created the keystore and put it in the build folder in project setting its all setup but even with “for distribudion” and on shipping build in log I still see "app wil be sign with debug.keystore.

in play console I’ve chosed the automatic Play app signing.

Im still super confused about this so I will appreciate any help. Thank you!

I’ve managed to fix the issue thanks to this thred

basicaly you need to add this code into your build.cs file

if (Target.Platform == UnrealTargetPlatform.Android)
PrivateDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { “OnlineSubsystemGooglePlay”, “AndroidAdvertising” });

t6ry this post now

For all other users who have maybe these questions

  • AdMob dont need a playstore connection / a playstore uploaded app
  • Yes like the thread owner mentioned, you have to add something in VS to get it working

Also be aware when using Google AdMob, you can get very very easily a ban on it for abusing it OR when users abusing it which you can’t control without record a lot of user data … also google dont inform you why you was banned - if you get banned, your other google accounts also will have problems and bans. So spend attention how you add these ads, how often you can click on it, NEVER EVER click on your own ads or even try to see if real ads are displayed and yes… be aware of it, you got money, but its risky

The Video is in german but its easy to follow - How to add the CPP “Code” 18:16 :

UE4 adds sucks

try Facebook adds in ue4