Can geometry turn into an actor for a class blueprint?

I’ve been wanting to do some simple blueprints and decided to make a fan that I want to spin out of some geometry. I’ve grouped them together but I cannot, for the life of me, find a way to add them to a class blueprint as an actor to change the relative rotation. Am I completely off base using geometry for actors?

I do not believe that you can dynamically update a BSP brush type geometry actor. You will need to convert the geometry into a static mesh. We have the option to export BSP. You could import it into a 3d modeling program and then reexport back to unreal. Honestly though, I suggest skipping that step and just remaking the fan in a modeling package. Exported BSP tends to be broken up into a bunch of pieces and it will be difficult to clean up. These days I only export BSP when I need a copy of the level for size reference because I will be remodeling parts of it in max.

Good to know, thank you. I’m focusing more on learning blueprints and c++ than the export of geometry to a 3d program to convert to a static mesh. I guess I can pick up a prop from the starter content and at least get the functionality in place and replace the components later :slight_smile: Thanks Ryan!