Can files on Unreal Engine 4.9 format be retrieved for use on Unreal Engine 4.10

Hello. My name is Keith. I had to utilize a USB Recovery tool to restore the usage of my Acer laptop. I have been unable to recover any of my files recorded on the Unreal Engine 4.9 format using file unzipper technology. I’ve downloaded Unreal Engine 4.10 Format in hopes of picking up where I left off. Any help would be appreciated.

If your project files are corrupted, then there’s nothing you can do if they’re not backed up, the there’s no cloud storage for your projects. You can redownload content you’ve bought from the marketplace or the free content that is available, but your projects you make are only stored on your computer.

You should always save project files even multiple times daily or whenever you make any changes. And you should create an image of the OS system partition if not daily at least weekly. Never trust any backup media either. Make 2 or 3 copies of any backup files so that if an hard disk, tape, DVD-R/BD-R gets corrupted for whatever reason you would still have another copy to restore either the whole system or the most important files.