Can ever affect navigation not staying enabled

Sorting out my AI movement. As I have multiple AI, their capsule needs to affect navigation so that they know to go around other units. In the BP I select the collision component, enabled the “can ever affect navigation” and spawn one in the level. It always spawns with that disabled and not enabled like in the blueprint. There is no way to access this setting from blueprint, so I can’t just set it again after they spawn, and that also means i’m not doing anything to disable it.

Here is an example of the issue. The lower AI needs to go to the other side of the upper AI. It can’t fit between the Unit and the box, the navmesh is perfectly connected to the right around the box, but despite trying both RVO and the crowd manager the AI just continues to sit there and spaz out against the upper AI instead of walking around. I think RVO and crowd manager are fine for units that are moving or units that have space around them, but they don’t actually cause the AI to calculate an entirely new path as though it can’t walk through that unit.

How can I get the AI to acknowledge that that path is blocked and walk around?

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