Can Epic please dumb Twitch?

Hi guys.
I cant get Twitch to stream to save my life.
I am up in Bellingham Washington state and it never works up here.
Can Unreal streams go some place else?

Dump not dumb sorry )

Feel your pain!

Twitch never works for me either. I think its Flash related!

Maybe next decade Twitch will get around to dumping it for Html5.

BTW: Double post to Feedback, otherwise Epic may never see it…

Maybe I can send them an Action Script 3 script to fix their ****.

Twitch doesnt work for me either. I watch the livestream on YouTube and download it later.

Yeah I do that too.
You Tube does live streaming too don’t they?
Might as well.

When I used the live stream for the first time , I logged in No problem.
The stream countdown was like 5,4,3,2,1,…“Shut Down” Due to 1% battery.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah with me its always “lighting build 99.9999% complete …” Oh shut down battery too low :mad:

60GB download stops at 99.99% IDM thug life.
My inner feelings

Man … now I feel so much better.
Thought I was bad )

yeah sure enjoy my spoils

Twitch kept on freezing for me so I jumped over to YT a month back. Wish we could chat during the stream there :frowning:

Chat is kept disabled or they won’t be able to answer questions of both the chats at the same time .