Can Epic add support for Sketchup's *.skp files?

I know that most of the community uses maya, max or blender for player or small object modelling but for architects and designers these 3D packages don’t offer the accuracy needed for architectural modelling (Houses, apartments etc)
I know sketchup exports to FBX but what happens in a complex scene in sketchup with a lot of meshes made into their own groups, once exported with fbx the entire scene gets grouped together as one mesh and can’t be re-edited in UE4.
What would make it easy is to have UE4 support .skp files so that individual groups within sketchup stay that way once imported to UE4 and are able to be further edited.
I’m asking the community of sketchup supports to vote for this feature.

Anthony, sorry man there is no good way about it from Sketchup to UE4. I export everything from Sketchup to 3ds Max then create a lightmap and import them to UE4. Most of the time I just make everything in 3ds Max then render in UE4. Your comment about the packages not being accurate isn’t accurate. You can draft the lines then, open dwg in 3ds Max. Accuracy is perfect. Even UE4 uses a 1=1cm scale. You can set check points for your walls, and have a 100ft building be under 5mm of accurate over your longest distant. More than enough.

Stick with Sketchup they have a real time render plugin. Everyone in the engineering world is happy with it.