Can dinos be made to "investigate" structures?

I want wild dinosaurs to investigate and attack structures just because they’re there.

Does anybody know how I might go about this?

Is this even possible with the AI graphs the way they are?

Anybody have experience here?


Still looking into this. Anybody have info?

This issue might be related to the “raft” structure. Or is the raft a structure that uses a dino blueprint?

But yeah I think dinos should be able to investigate aka destroy structures.

I’d like to see carnivores at least have a targeting list that can let them aggro player actors, rafts, thatch structures and obvious food/noise sources (campfires, cooking pots, gens, preserving bins etc)

In my game, it used to be dinos attacking structures. I have my spikes attacked by dinos.

But its only when they see you… and attack structures in the way.

Attacking structures as long as they aren’t stasis’ed is the idea.

By the way does anyone know the named targeting team for players? I dont think you can have dinos only attack players…

I have nothing to add help wise but if you figure it out it might enable a mode I wanted to implement/see implemented.

Have dinos target different constructs within a certain range. For instance have T-Rex’s or other apex dinos target generators (pretend they hate the noise) or small creatures target campfires or mid range dinos be drawn to the smell of a grill.

Basically a way to draw dinos toward players or player bases in an attack mode where the mapping of construct to dino tier follows a progression. Anything that gives off light, sound or smell could be a target.

Only players not tamed dinos ?

Yeah, I wanted to make an inclusion list so that stegos would only attack players… and not attack players that were mounted.

The named targeting teams only allow both player and tamed…not player only.


We’re still looking for a way to make certain wild dinosaurs attack certain structures (e.g. named targeting team “Carnivores_Medium” will attack thatch foundation ****).

On a similar note, how this could be achieved to have Spinosaurus attack the (at present) god-like invisible player-driven rafts (e.g. so Spinosaurus can see them and attack them… and similarly we could get Megalodon within a certain aggro radius also attack).

The devs said they were planning on implementing hearing for dinos and if im not mistaken smell aswell. It would be very easy to copy that AI when it comes out

That sounds promising. … although sight still has material deficiencies:

  • the invisible player-controlled raft
  • stealth (crouched, prone) has no effect on dinosaur visual detection

I hope they nail these before tackling smell/sound.

Something makes the dilos ignore me when I’m on a cat. Haven’t messed with any dinos in the ADK yet so I haven’t a clue what that is.

That’s an easy one. … dilos have Carnivores_Medium_PlayerOrTamed in their exclusion list).

Bumping this one for the devs again… as I’m not able to implement “god like rafts” in my mod (nor do I think its good for the game).

Based on the current game tech, I think what is needed here is:

  1. [some] structures to have a targeting team name, e.g. A raft could belong to Herbivores_Large
  2. such structures should appear as a valid targets to relevant dinos e.g. Spinosaurus and T-Rex would “see” a raft as a large herbivore.

You could expand on this and get some “smell/sound” sense into the game:

  1. Camping fire belongs to Herbivores_Medium only when lit (use blueprint scripting to toggle the targeting team value from “None” to “Herbivores_Medium”.
  2. Most medium to large carnivores are going to attack it on sight when the campfire is lit.

Here’s an amusing picture of me floating around a Spinosaurus… who ignores me because when “riding” a raft the player pawn is essentially invisible or in god mode.