Can different materials apply different dampening/friction to a sphere


I know of the Angular and Linear Dampening on the sphere itself. These have an effect of slowing the ball, which is fine, but I want to have different materials slow the ball differently.

eg, the ball is on a road but then goes on to grass, which slows it down faster (more friction) etc.

I have a ball/sphere that im applying a force to with AddImpulse.

I have tried a Physics Material with high friction on and applied it to a Material which I applied to the Plane And the sphere. This had No effect at slowing the ball. It did have an effect however on a cube if I ran the ball into the cube.

Hopefully someone can help, thanks

please please can someone say if this is possible Or not ?


I’m not good in Unreal but maby this will help u.

For example, you have a blue track and a pink track.

In the Blueprint of the Blue one: Get velocity of the Sphere -1X and -1Y, can’t be lower then 0.

In the Blueprint of the Pink one: Get velocity of the Sphere -0.5X and -0.5Y, can’t be lower then 0.

In this example the ball will roll for a longer time on the Pink one.

For a better result you can use a timeline, otherwise it looks a little bit weird.

I hope this will help u.