Can Datasmith export animate object from 3DSmax?

I already tried export and import static object with datasmith. It work very well.

But I have problem with animate obejct such as moving object or path deform object. Normally when export and import animate, I use *.ABC. It work well

But when I try to use Datasmith for imported animate objects,it’s not move in unreal.

please help, If someone have the link show how to do it please please recommend

Thank you

Datasmith does not yet support animation. Our team has been focused on first getting the best results moving over static geometry. We have to do that well before we can move onto animation.

Kenpimental,Thank you so much

Kenpimental, has there been any new developments for Datasmith supporting animated objects that can be brought in to UE4?

We have made some progress on this internally. We hope to have something for 4.22 with 3ds max

Great to hear! Looking forward to testing it out. I am currently trying to import 100’s of animated objects for an ArchViz project and it seems a little monotonous…

See post below:

Any sign of Datasmith animation export ?

Like mentioned above , We hope to have something for 4.22 with 3ds max :slight_smile:

I’m sure you were waiting for this but: 4.22 is out,… SO now, finally… ;~) Does Datasmith do ANIMATION? If not, is there a place to learn how to animate a character one brings over (with Vray mats etc) into UE4 using 3ds Max and Datasmith? How to apply morph targets? Bones? Perhaps if someone has Allright Rigging tool (I do,.) that would make the difference? I guess I could always turn the problem around… Import animated characters the usual way then ALSO import a Datasmith version of the character and get access to full actualized materials! (and reassign to the animated character,. saving a ton of time in materials!!

Regardless, for complex static scenes, it takes potentially tens of thousands of clicks down to: 2 clicks (export, import) … So THANK YOU! (Gosh when I think of how much 'matchy matchy must have had to happen at a programming level, (to get Datasmith to interpret material definitions from Vray, Max, Corona, (probably Arnold, Physical and FinalRENDER too) then, turn them into Ue4 Blueprints, WOW,. It is mind boggling, A ton of work…

Hey there :slight_smile:

Does Datasmith do ANIMATION?
Yes , but only for objects with animated translation, rotation, or scaling values in 3D space.
For complex Character , morph target , bones etc , we’re looking at ways to implement that in a near future but we’re not quiet there yet.
Stay tuned :slight_smile:

For more info please look at the release note for 4.22 here: