Can create wall Of text in comments easily

Now that I’m comment my blueprints for the markeplace, I would like have a special comment were a can put a wall of text easily.

Now it is a very unwieldy

block of text.JPG

A dedicated text block node would be awesome. The documentation node exists but is way too complex for what it needs to accomplish.

Look into the reroute node. It will help you out allot as well as keep your Blueprints clean :slight_smile:

I dont like reroute nodes, I did start to use when comming but in the end it is a lost of time for my.

“Iä! Shub-Niggurath!”

Hi everyone,

I have entered a feature request, UE-9129, to be taken into consideration. Thank you for your request.

Hi erWilly,

I just wanted to check if you had considered making use of the node comments to achieve this? In the example I can see why the comment nodes would get cumbersome quickly but that is why we added the node comments :slight_smile:

for example:-


I’m not sure if this fits exactly what you want, but if not - I’d be curious to know why this is the case :slight_smile:



problem with comments, it actually unpleasant to use since you need to type text into small row.