Can cinematic camera tracks be used "live" (in-game)?

I am creating a cinematic and I need to include spatial audio in the render. First of all, how is this normally done in UE4 for cutscenes? Second, I understand that this cannot be simulated at the same time as pre-rendered video. To solve this, my idea was to record a simplified version of the scene live at 60fps locked. The issue is that I cannot seem to find a way to access the cinematic camera in game in order to view the tracking that I have set up for it. Is there any way to have a cinematic camera run along its track while in “play” mode (and allow the player to see through it)?

Excuse my ignorance; this morning I got the cinematic playing in-game without issue and was able to record the audio, then dub that over the exported cinematic. In case anyone finds this the easiest way to do that is to create your cinematic, place it in your level, reference it in your level blueprint and play it on some trigger.