Can change the source code of the Unreal engine and be introduced and used as the new game Engine?

We want to make a lot of fundamental changes in the source code of Unreal Engine 5 and change its Name, Logo and User Interface, but finally say that this game engine is built on the basis of the Unreal Engine 5 owned by Epic Games, are we allowed?
We want to use the Unreal Engine 5 to build the game.
We know that the early access version of the Unreal Engine 5 is still not Stable for making the game and has a lot of problems we mean is the a version of the Unreal Engine 5 that has Stable and fixed conditions which, according to you, will be published soon.
Thanks and wish you all the best.

I think you’ll find that goes against the license agreement.

Part of the agreement stipulates that you have to show the Unreal logo ( from Epic ), and say you’re using their engine, no matter how many changes you make.

You would need a special license from Epic to do that.

I was thinking about this a bit more.

If your changes are not very extensive, it will be totally obvious to anyone with a hex dump that it’s UE.

If your changes are extensive, like re-writing the render pipeline, why not just use CryEngine, for example, or write your own?

I the end, it’s only 5% to Epic, if you start to make millions. Seems like a good deal to me…