Can camera transferred from 3ds Max Vray be pixel perfect in Unreal Viewport?

I want to have a camera in Unreal that when I do a HighResScreenshot, the result is identical to my Vray Render, not in term of color or definition but in perspective.

For now the result is really close. The frame look about the same but, when I overlay my two images in photoshop, they do not perfectly match.

Is it even possible or do the viewport work in a fundamentally different way than in 3DS Max and the perspective will never totally match even with a lot of tweaking?

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I need to do a bit of research. I do get the same problems: with similar settings, the perspective doesn’t quite match. I think its due to Max calculating FOV diagonally. Here is what I get when I super impose both images (one in max, another in UE):