Can box triggers be used in an order?

Is there a way to use box triggers in a set order so to use them the player HAS to activate them in the correct order. I’ll give you a reference video so you can see why I want to do this.

In the video you can see that the orb is moving by the player going into two box triggers, triggering two different sequences. Is there a way to make box trigger 2 work ONLY IF the player has already used box trigger 1. Below is the blueprint I’m using to get the current outcome, where the player can use the box triggers once BUT they don’t make the player use them in any order (the player could trigger the second sequence first but I want to restrict that).

Yes, you could use bools to determine if they were activated in the right order or witch ones were previously triggered. That could be set up in the character actor using casting or have a blueprint interface set up between trigger actors.

Would it be possible to show how this could be done? I am new to UE4 and understand some of that but, I’m not 100% on which functions that would actually be required.
I get how its supposed to work but yeah not sure on those specific functions or nodes that should be used tom make this work. Cheers :slight_smile:

Create A Boolean Variable for each box trigger on the left side “Variable” window using the + button. Then drag the variables from the “Window” to the Event Graph and chose “Set” or “Get” depending on what you need. Then use the Branch node to check if the Boolean is true or false.

Awesome stuff! Works amazingly. Now I can apply this to many things to essentially make IF and ELSE statements. Thanks :slight_smile: