Can Blutility spawn a umg Widget in editor?

I’m using an actor with blutility in editor custom events and i’m trying to spawn a umg widget that could be shown and interact with this actor as a custom editor tool.
I have tried to add it to viewport with no luck.
There is a way to spawn a umg as an in editor tool?
If it is not possible could it be added as a future feature?
It may open the way to some blueprint based editor tools and utilities that can be also shared in the marketplace withing the actual marketplace limits of blueprint only content.

Not possible currently. Widgets are tied to a game instance, worlds and the game viewport. Possible in the future, but low on the priority list. The blueprint only limitation of the marketplace wont be around for much longer. Not sure exactly when we’re planning to start allowing C++, but it’s soonish.

Thanks for the clarification.
Even if c++ will come soon I’m glad it is planned even if in a low priority list as It could be a good fast prototypation tool for custom editor interfaces.

I would love to have some in editor and local to me way to document things.
Blutility widget that adds right click option to open either wiki page or some help file would be great.
Or one that displays some html (or text) file from local drive. So waiting for more (any) blutility.