Can blueprint be saved and loaded in different Project?

I’ve been googling and searching this forum, but I am having difficulty finding out if a Saved blueprint from one Project can be loaded into a new project. I was working on a project with a blueprint I was happy with, but deleted the project to start another one… Is the blueprint that I Saved in that project gone now?

Well, you need to go into the BP’s project folder, in my documents → UE4 projects → project → content ->… → BP. Copy and paste this BP into the other projects folder.

But I have deleted the project. Was the blueprint only saved in that specific project? I wish there were a way to save a blueprint for use in other projects even if I delete the project it was created in.

Yep, its gone.

Okay, thanks. That’s good to know for future projects.

Oh, one other thing, if I purchase a blueprint in the Marketplace, how is it saved? I’m sure I’ll have to “add” it to a project, but I’ve actually downloaded it and can use it… It seems like I could save a Blueprint on my own for the same purpose.

Well, that is different. It is made like that by Epic Games. You could turn your BP into a plugin if you know c++ and are experienced.

Maybe I am asking too much, at this point. I am amazed and grateful at how far Epic has come with making things accessible to artists who don’t know how to program, but the ability to save a Blueprint for use in other projects without knowing c++ would make sense as well.

you can actually copy & paste BPs as text, so you could actually just save them in Notepad for future use.

if the editor saved every BP you ever made automatically, how would it know which ones you wanted to save & there would be no way to distinguish the good from the bad.

that being said, if you think it deserves attention and merits inclusion to UE4 then post it here:

ie: add Option to save BPs to hard drive :wink:

How about making a blueprint repository project? You could copy and paste from it.

This is what I have done.Just have a project which has all of my useful blueprints in it and materials in a level so I can look through and grab what I want easily. You could probably set up a project in the same way the marketplace stuff is and allow you to add to any project but then you would need 1 for each blueprint to do that without grabbing everything in it.