Can Blueprint Achieve This?

I’ve run into an interesting problem that I’m really unsure if it could be solved in blueprint. I’m looking to do a low poly stylized game. I found a tool made in/for unity that converts high poly meshes into low poly ones with color maps. You can also create low poly landscapes the same way one would paint landscapes in the ue4/unity editor.

I’ve contacted the developer and he said blueprint is too limited to accomplish this task and he doesn’t know c++ well enough to code it.

Here is a link to the tool: Tool Website | Unity Page

Does anyone know if he is correct?

He is, unfortunately. You can make your own BP nodes to do this, but it’ll require C++.

Would this require some hefty coding or just a few classes? Is it better to blend together blueprint and c++ for this or just C++?

Hefty, for sure. But you can get his C# source, so translating it to Unreal’s C++ api shouldn’t be too too hard. Just get permission from him first, maybe you can strike a porting deal. The heavy lifting is in figuring out how to downres these models and retain shape/intent, and it seems he’s done that already. All you really have to do is figure out what Unreal functions analogize Unity functions when it comes to vertex manipulation.

He told me how to do it in 3ds max if it is any clue. This the quote:

It’s simple in Max. Break all the vertices of the mesh so that there are no shared vertices; essentially each triangle is unwelded from their adjacent triangles. Do this by selecting all the vertices and hitting “break” in sub-object->vertex. Then it’s a matter of vertex painting the model with the Vertex Paint modifier. When you’re done, blur the vertex colors. The blurring will average the color, but since the meshes are broken it will blur per face giving you the faceted color.

vertex painting: Mesh Paint User Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

procedural mesh generation, maybe you can poke around for the api that allows for vertex manipulation: