Can blackboards have an array

Hi is it possible to have an ai blackboard store information in an array.

I.e location of food, say storing vector information so that it can retrieve said food at a later date.

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The way that would work, regardless of UE4 version you’re using, would be to implement your own, custom UObject class that would store your array, and then store that in object-typed BB key.

In UE4 4.8 there’s going to be C++ support for TArrays and other types directly. BP support will still be missing due to core BP limitations (but we’re be looking for a way to add that!).




I was thinking about this the other day (I’ve recently gone back to re-do my Puzzle game in the mean time)

Would it be possible to have a task? (i’m not sure if that’s the best blueprint to use) that has 2 variables associated with it, one for inbound and one for outbound. So when said ai locates food it sends that location to the task which stores the location in a array bound in said blueprint. When the array needs to be called it would find each food location and set the variable (outbound) to the said location and loop that so the location would be removed from the array (or updated) when completed.

However I have a feeling it would be very resource demanding.

UE4 4.8 you say? :wink: