Can avatars be enabled on the forum, please. :)

I would very much like to have avatar support. Avatars can help identify people. If I glance over at a username and I recognize the Avatar, I will quickly remember who that person is and what he or she has posted. But as of right now, the username by itself doesn’t help me very much. Also, avatars help build character.

I identify you by your sig. :cool:
…but I couldn’t complain with a nice set of UE/UT avatars!

I don’t know how I feel about that. I for one find your huge banner already distracting and annoying enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you ever decide to enable avatars, please don’t allow animated gifs, thanks!

I would prefer no avatars, probably in the minority here. But I agree with Bajee above. Some of the signatures I am seeing are off putting enough, let alone avatar images.

How about we trade images in signatures for simple static avatars? That seems like a good compromise. A few avatars on the left wouldn’t disrupt the flow of a thread as much as some of the huge signatures.

I made the banner smaller. If you’re on chrome you can hold CTRL and hit refresh. On Firefox, Shift Refresh.

Well, another person uses my sig banner so 2 people might be getting their comments mixed up by some people who identify only by the signature. That’s why I suggest using avatars.

Hi CaptainMigraine,

We will take your suggestion into consideration. Thank you and have a great day!

+1 from me. I also like to have avatars here. :slight_smile:

I see no harm in simple 100x100, non-animated avatars.
It helps a lot in identifying people, even if you forgot their name

I think one picture per person is okay. But avatar + signature = will be to much imo.

My personal preference would be for no banner images in signatures and no avatars :slight_smile:

Many forums seem to end up with more vertical real estate used in sigs than in actual post content, decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio.

Michael Noland

Wouldn’t it be easy to limit the size of both?

I would much rather have small avatars and with signatures having no images and one line max than the current signatures/avatar setup.

I agree. Not to point at people, but some signatures are already starting to get out of hand. Limiting the font size could also be considered.

From the forums setting page under your account:
Thread Display Options
Visible Post Elements:

Show Signatures
Show Images (including attached images and images in [IMG] code)

You have the option to show or hide various elements of messages, which may be of use to users on slow internet connections, or who want to remove extraneous clutter from posts.

Please, no avatars, I like the post, he has a very clean look without these avatars pictures or signatures.
I know that with Avatar, it becomes easier to recognize a member.
But honestly, I prefer to read the username who posted and have a cleaner look.

Small avatars, no images in signatures.

Please no images in signatures and no avatars.
I think a forum, appears to be little more professional now, I think with avatars and signatures, looks like a any games forum.

I totally forgot that. Thanks.

I don’t agree with adding avatars either, it was discussed a month ago in another thread and you can see my reasons there:

The exact problem happens with avatars, they are no solution to this, in fact, it happens way more frequently with avatars than with signatures. We had this problem with avatars multiple time back in UDK forums.